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Welcome to Sparrarp's Icelandic horses

Sparrarp's Icelandic horses are located near Hästveda in Hässleholm municipality. The horses are all suitable tour horses with different character. This means that it is important that each rider finds the right horse to ride, based on previous experience.

Why not take the opportunity to take a ride on our fine Icelandic horses and enjoy the beautiful nature

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Bring a friend (or come alone) and join a guided ride with our lively, happy and well-ridden Icelandic horses who are all ridden and trained with Natural Horsemanship

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Riding must be safe and instructive in harmony with the horse

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Experience beautiful nature without stress on horseback

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It is important that each rider finds the right horse to ride, based on previous experience.

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You start by getting to know the horse you have chosen or been assigned.

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Then we brush, saddle and bridle the horses

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We sit up inside the riding arena

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There you get to know your assigned horses and get a thorough review of riding before we then set off on a ride that is adapted to the participants' riding habits.

During the tour, we also give tips and advice on how to best get your horse.

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Note! The Icelandic horse is a slightly smaller horse that is strong but has a weight limit of 85kg

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There is also a horse for you over 85 kg (Max weight 100kg)

Ena our North Swedish working horse

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Clothes for the weather and riding

Suitable clothes for riding are uncomfortable clothes, loose trousers without seams that rub and sturdy shoes with a good sole.

If rain is suspected, a raincoat is easy to carry if there is a shower

The tempo is regulated according to the group's wishes.

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Children under the age of 12 must have the habit of riding to ride a tour.

Maximum 8 participants per turn.

With 5 or more participants, the tour is led by two tour guides  

Riding is at your own risk.

Of course, the weather that only nature has at its disposal can put a stop to a planned tour ride, but it takes a lot to not get rid of it.

If that were the case, the guests who want to can ride in our nice riding tent instead

 Price information:

2 hour ride: Price: 600 SEK / person

Our tours are 2 hours, including brushing, saddling of horses and preparatory lesson for the riding tour in the paddock.

1 hour for children with an adult  Price: 395 SEK / person (rider)kids_turiding_modified Touring-sparrarpislandshastar.com | 2022

An hour with our horses that is adapted for children with parents.

Here you have a cozy moment with the horse. After brushing, you get the opportunity to sit on the horse where the leader joins on foot 

where parents of the children are also involved and help to lead. Also suitable for the disabled and for you who have never been with horses before.

 Rental of horse with equipment Price: SEK 300 / hour per horse

Returning customers with riding experience have the opportunity to rent a horse per hour. Including riding in a riding tent, paddock or uterite.

We can also offer:

Corporate riding / staff days are perfect for you who want to do something exciting and experience a wonderful ride between two prosperous fuzzy horse ears.

Or why not book riding as a workout?

You can also bring family and / or friends on your own private outdoor ride or in a riding tent as desired

Outings with special wishes in addition to our regular tour riding. Maybe something honorable

Riding with our horses in our nice riding tent

Booking a riding tent for Event Price: By agreement

Always state what riding knowledge when you book.

The tempo is regulated according to the group's wishes. We have both a helmet and a safety vest for lending.


To guarantee your place for the tour ride, it is best to pay in advance via bankgiro 776-0549 or swish 0706390141. (State tour ride date. Time and name)

There is also the possibility of card payment and cash payment on site

You can pay both in cash and with a swish bank transfer and card. (For cash, please change before you arrive, even money)


Tour riding is booked https://sparrarpislandshastar.com/event-booking

If you have any questions, please contact us via email or text message 

email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


If canceled:  If canceled later than 24 hours before the trip, 100% of the price will be charged.