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Riding school

We offer group riding lessons and private riding lessons for both Adults and children at different levels.

All bookings to riding school by mail:

 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

(On subject write Riding School)

When registering, state: Name, Age, Riding knowledge, Contact telnr, Request for private lesson or riding school. Also indicate if there is any day / time you absolutely can not.

If there is currently no space, you will automatically be placed on a queue list

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En nice riding school in a nice environment where alla our Icelandic horses are out in groups around the clock. The horses live a natural life and therefore become harmonious and prosperous.

At our riding school, you learn to ride and handle horses in a way that is natural for them. Both handling and riding are inspired by Natural Horsemanship (natural riding and horse handling). It is a way of socializing with horses that is based on and takes into account each individual's natural behavior and needs.

We alternate riding with handling from the ground. You will learn to read horses, the importance of a strong focus and learn to ride with as little signal as possible. The focus is on understanding and communicating with the horse, that is, not just on riding.

The lessons are initially held in the riding hall / riding arena, but at regular intervals outdoor rides are also done. For those riders who have ridden a little longer and feel safer, riding in a rope halter takes place regularly.

Our wish is that every individual, horse as a human being, should develop and have fun here. Therefore, we have smaller lesson groups (maximum 6 students). This means that everyone gets more out of the lesson and allows us to have a more individualized teaching.


tora_lea Riding School-sparrarpislandshastar.com | 2022Scheduling

Beginners Children Mondays 17.00-18: 00

Ridvana Children Tuesdays  18: 00-19.00

Ridvana Adult Tuesdays 19: 15-20: 15

Newcomers Children Wednesdays 16: 00-17: 00

Ridvana Barn Thursdays 17: 30-18: 30

Ridvana Adult Thursdays 18: 45-19: 45
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Other lesson times can be arranged upon request. If a private lesson or a single lesson is desired, this can also be arranged.

For beginner children, parents must be present unless otherwise agreed

To guarantee you a place, we ask you to pay in advance Swish: 0706390141

Horses and riders happy after the second lesson in rope halter! This time walking and trotting. A great exercise to practice helps with the seat and legs

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ridt√§lt_ Ridskola-sparrarpislandshastar.com | 2022Child group:  One hour / lesson with at least 30 minutes riding

                       Price: SEK 195 / lesson or 1800 for ten lessons.

Adult Group: One hour / lesson with at least 45 minutes riding

                       Price: SEK 295 / lesson or 2800 for ten lessons.

                      Max six crew per group. Applies to all lessons.

private Lesson: SEK 425 / hour (1 person)

Private lesson Group: Adult SEK 325 / hour per person. Children SEK 300 / hour per person (At least 2 people per group)


The riding lessons will be held in riding tents, paddocks and also outdoor rides will be included in lessons if desired and in suitable weather.