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Rhappur from Rooslunda Born: 2014:

Energetic, happy and happily carries out the rider on the ride

rapp Våra hästar-sparrarpislandshastar.com | 2021



Seth from Rooslunda Born 2013: Enjoys full speed at a gallop as much as a walk round.

bild2 Our horses-sparrarpislandshastar.com | 2021



Olga from Rooslunda Born 2012:

Energetic and happy.

Olga2 Our horses-sparrarpislandshastar.com | 2021




Fióla from Rooslunda Born 2013: is a horse with very good sprite who has good tölt.

 flori Våra hästar-sparrarpislandshastar.com | 2021


þora from Rooslunda Born 2011: Riding Tora makes you really happy, she loves to go out for a ride and you are infected by her joy.

 Tora__modified Our horses-sparrarpislandshastar.com | 2021


Tyra from Rooslunda Born 2011:

Energetic and happy that fits with most riders.

tyra_rid_ut_ Våra hästar-sparrarpislandshastar.com | 2021



Fengur Mökkur from Tommarp Born 2009: The farm's well - educated King and tölt mop.

fm_bedomning Våra hästar-sparrarpislandshastar.com | 2021



Stjerni frá Vatni Born 2009: Born in Iceland where he went on tour riding. Fits all types of riders.

stjarna_2_modified Våra hästar-sparrarpislandshastar.com | 2021

 þomalina from Rooslunda born 2012 nice horse with good sprite.

tomalina Our horses-sparrarpislandshastar.com | 2021

Flea from Midgård Born 2005 Has been a breeding mare on the farm and now happily follows us on trips. Stable horse.

fleas Våra hästar-sparrarpislandshastar.com | 2021

Take a Look Warm-blooded trotter Born 2007 A gentleman who enjoys the farm Icelanders and likes to go on trips.

Something for you who think it's fun with a big horse

take_a_look Our horses-sparrarpislandshastar.com | 2021

Rosespike Warm-blooded trotter Born 2010 This is also a gentleman who thrives well with the farm's Icelanders.

Something for you who think it's fun with a big horse.

spiken_copy Our horses-sparrarpislandshastar.com | 2021

Ena (Tubbarps Ronja) Nordsvensk from Filipsro Born 2008. A strong, weight-bearing and alert horse with long strides.

ena Våra hästar-sparrarpislandshastar.com | 2021

Horses on their way into the business

All black tour from Rooslunda Born 2016 Naughty stallion with great potential

answers Our horses-sparrarpislandshastar.com | 2021

Brá from Rooslunda Born 2016 A very affectionate and nice little lady

bra_body_ Våra hästar-sparrarpislandshastar.com | 2021

Wave from Rooslunda Born 2016 A cuddly and curious girl. 

wave Our horses-sparrarpislandshastar.com | 2021

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