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Sparrarp's Icelandic Horses is a company that offers people with different needs and desires to ride and socialize with our Icelandic horses who are all trained and equipped with Natural Horsemanship. train horses in a way that is natural to the horse. The result of this is a self-supporting horse. A partner with his own influence who willingly does his best, because it has developed joy in the work.

On the farm we have 17 horses.


Since there is also a riding tent and riding course at our facility, there is also the possibility to book for:

  • Own events or to hold own courses.
  • Riding with our own horses together with leaders in the yard

Competence in the yard

Phillip is the owner and responsible for the horses' health and well-being, as well as the maintenance and care of the farm.

Huba from HE Vet is the farm's veterinarian

Fia is the farm's butcher.

Louise rides in and trains the horses in accordance with the Parelli method Natural Horsemanship and ensures that the horses are calm and harmonious in all handling. And responsible for the riding school.

Emma and Annie then continue to work on horse riding. As well as conducting horse riding.


Louise has been horse-crazy for as long as she can remember. For ten years she has been particularly interested in Natural Horsemanship. A way to socialize, manage and ride horses in a natural way where everything is based on the horse's natural behavior. Louise has taken several courses in Natural Horsemanship, both in Sweden and abroad, including at the Parelli Natural Horsemanship Center in Colorado, USA.

Now Louise rides in and trains horses, according to the Natural Horsemanship philosophy, up to Level 4 in the Parelli program. In addition, she works a lot with behavioral problems and problem solving both in handling and riding. Louise rides the young horses at the Sparrarp Island Horses Recreation Center and also works to develop the horses to be as happy and obedient as possible.


Emma has been riding since she was little and has very good riding knowledge. She has previously worked as an attendant on disability riding, and has been on equestrian training in Spain a number of times. Rides show / show with their own horses.
She leads horse riding and organizes and works with the horses training program.


Annie has been riding horses since she was 12 years old and has ridden all kinds of horses. She has walked the animal care line at Helsingborg's equestrian gymnasium in collaboration with the Region Djursjukhuset Helsingborg and attended riding school at Anna jeppsson (arrowhead). She has also previously had experience in riding and training her own horses. She leads horse riding and organizes and works with the horses training program.